1. Borani
Finely chopped spinach in a light garlic yogurt dressing with caramelized onion and Persian pita breed.
5.90 €
2. Kaschke Bademdjan
کشک بادمجان
Velvety roast of eggplant in a white sauce with caramelized peppermint onions, served with Persian pita breed.
5.90 €
3. Dollme Bargemo
دلمه برگ مو
Homemade stuffed grape leaves with Garlic yogurt and Persian pita breed
5.90 €
4. Halimbademdjan
حلیم بادمجان
Paste of sauted eggplant and with beans with soffran sourcream sauce, served with caramelized peppermint onions and Persian pita breed
5.90 €
5. Mirsa Ghassemi
میرزا قاسمی
Baked eggplant ,with garlic , steamed tomatoes And eggs, served with Persian pita breed.
5.90 €
6. Mixed Appetizers platter
پیش غذای مخلوط
Specialty of the house –fur 2 or more persons
(per person)
7.90 €
7. Persian cheese plate
عصرانه ایرانی
Delicious sheep cheese garnished with Persian olives, walnuts and grapes.
6.90 €